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Cheza Sports Academy has the aspiration of discovering, nurturing, developing and enhancing growth of potential talent in football through youth programmes. Hence, it exists with a sole of ensuring the development of all –rounded young football professionals with the ability to keep the football game more vibrant than ever before. In order to achieve its objective and goals of producing best talents to professional league clubs within and abroad with young players, the academy endeavours...

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How to enroll with Cheza Sports

Enrollment open for players bewteen 4 & 23 years old from both genders

  1. Create an account using the parents email address through: www.chezasports.co.ke/register
  2. Confirm your email address by signing into your email address then click the link provided.
  3. Sign into your new account through: www.chezasports.co.ke/login then click 'Add Player' button.
  4. Fill in all the required information on personal information, medical, parent details, username without blank spaces then click SAVE.
  5. Download a filled-up copy of your registration form (Only downloadable after successfully filling in player details).
  6. Go through the registration form and code of conduct and sign where necessary.
  7. Upload a copy of the player's travel passport or birth certificate and mothers national ID card

    An SMS containing the player's registration number will be sent to the parent's phone number. You can also get the registration number from the printed registration form. It always starts with CSA.

  8. Make payments through Mpesa Paybill 138638 Account: PLAYER REGISTRATION NUMBER


  1. Registration card plus three branded jerseys 9,000
  2. Annual Accident Cover 800
  3. Annual Parents Initiative 500
  4. Annual Awards 1,500
  5. Nakuru Rausha Kipaji Tournament(April) 10,000
  6. East Afrika Chipukizi Cup, Arusha Tanzania - December 35,000

    Training, Tournaments & Tours Refer to the fees structure

    A player receives a player card, full sky blue jersey, full blue jersey with name and number + blue stockings, full yellow jersey with name & number + stockings, .


The first session you book an appointment for antropometrics tests at Serene Wellness few metres past Matter Hospital on Shimo La Tewa Road at Advance Fitness Gym

Get your training schedule from your respective coach

Training takes place at Railway Training Institute - South B


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 THE STORY OF AMY LASUAs the Cheza Community Based Organization is set to embark on an ambitious program to establish girls soccer in our host community, South B., the story of one of our own Amy Lasu, serves as an inspiration. Amy started playing football at the age of 7 while in Kenya at a neighborhood called South B where she would...

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European Super League implications to African Football

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