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They say "chance favors a prepared mind". The Cheza Organization exists to give those yearning for education a chance to attain it. In this respect, Noel Cherop is yet another Cheza success story. Noel Cherop aged 14 years is a dependable Goalkeeper for the Cheza program Cheza She Unit. She is one of the players who sat for the National primary level exams.

Where she hails from, Mbotela, Nairobi, high academic attainment is not esteemed. Indeed young people from Mbotela are known for focusing on sports at the expense of education leading to unfulfilled outcomes. Unfortunately, Mbotela is also famous for snaring many youths to delinquency and crime.

Noel lives with her unemployed single mom. They live a hand-to-mouth existence. Noel sees education as her chance to change this poverty narrative. To surmount poor learning conditions at school and at home Noel had to put extra effort into her academic work.  This effort was rewarded as she beat the odds to obtain a pass mark of 290 out of 500.

The joy of her performance was clouded by the reality of poverty. Noel's athletic prowess and discipline stood her a good chance of obtaining a partial or full sports-based academic scholarship. The organization took on the role of finding a suitable school that would be willing to support her dreams. On Cheza's inquiry, early last month Brenda Girls secondary on the far western side of Kenya accepted to enroll her on a partial scholarship. Being a distance away from home would shield her from the negative influence of her community. Enabling her to fully concentrate on her studies.

The Chezasports Moms a resource mobilizing group within the organization fundraised Ksh 23,000(USD 230) to offset the registration costs. Noel was accompanied on her report by her mum. After being formally admitted to the school joined by the teachers the two turned into song and dance, a testament to how glad they were for this opportunity.