Is the football world ready for you?

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Ever wondered if you have what it take to play on the big stage?. You might be the most talented soul in the face of the world but playing in the big leagues requires more than your talent. We all think football is this smooth sailing ship with beautiful scenes … you better bring your umbrella and life jacket.

You might wonder why but it all narrows down to how you handle the little criticism and pressure you get from those around you at the moment. As it is said ‘Two things will define you as a person. Your patience when you have nothing & your attitude when you have everything.’

Take this as an example, In Kenya we have approximately 100 fans in a normal game and 50 of those if not 70 or 30 are your fans but still you feel too much pressure when your teammate tells you something, your coach shouts at you and when you miss a normal or a golden chance. 

It is normal to feel pressure but should it really define your next game's performance? Does it give you a reason to hate your teammate or coach for shouting at you? No it doesn't.

Just imagine how those big players feel when they are being booed by 50k fans, take Arsenal's Mustafi and Xhaka as an example, they gets too much criticism yet they are always in the starting XI, any other person would have quit or even committed suicide.

Imagine how Shevchenko felt after missing that penalty in Istanbul to lose the Champions League title to Liverpool, but on the other side Dudek was the happiest man there having claimed a first one on Ac Milan..

Just think of how frustrated Robben was after missing that penalty in extra time which could have handed them the UCL?, not forgetting how angry Shwenstiger could have been after missing that important penalty? But on the other side Drogba and Cech were the heroes of the day for Chelsea's only champions league, remember they had previously lost about four semi - finals and one extra time final to Mancehster United.

I could go on and on and on but the bottom line is how you take + and - criticism because they play a big role in your sporting life and the oncoming games. As a coach the worst thing about this job is a boy having all the ability in the world, and we can’t turn him around because he is too far gone. He is ruined and walks away from it. He will wake up in ten years’ time and regret what he has done. There’s a lot out there like that. Often it is one little setback that changes their life.’

Polish your character because it will help sell your talent.

By Zabu Misesi