Arusha Chipukizi Cup 2022

The Chipkizi Cup is the largest East African youth football tournament held in Tanzania. Each year, around 95 teams with 1300 boys and girls from 4 African nations take part and play circa 360 games on 10 fields. Over the last 8 years the Chipkizi Cup has become an established football tournament. Until 2022 Future Stars Academy aims to make an independent East African Tournament out of the Chipkizi Cup and attract more teams from inside Tanzania and neighboring countries, not only to play football but moreover to endorse social cohesion. For the past two years the Chipkizi Cup has also been visited by national and international scouts looking for fresh football talent. In 2022 the Chipkizi Cup will take place on the following dates:

13th -18th December 2022: Age category U17 & U20

15th -18th December 2022: Age category U7 up to U15

Since the start Future Stars Academy has had the pleasure using the TGT fields in Arusha for her training and matches. This beautiful green field is part of the Friedkin Conservation area. This year’s tournament will be hosted at the TGT fields, creating space for 10 small and large pitches.

Our Plan

The teams will be accompanied by nine coaches and two chaperones. Cheza Sports Academy seeks to support seventeen under-privileged, but talented players to the tournament: therefore, any support towards this initiative is highly welcome and encouraged.

This is a great opportunity for your child to travel, interact with new friends and be exposed to international competition in a fun safe environment.

It is more than fun..
It will be a refresh
..and a busy one too
It is going to be a fun filled week or rather we want it to be. We will be heading to Arusha Town in Tanzania for the Chipukizi Cup East Africa Tournament to take the cup. With all our might! After that, we will use the remaining adrenalin for more entertainment at the Arusha National Park. Yes, we tried it last year but this year we are going there for nothing but those two. After all the year will be coming to an end and we gotta make it blissful. You can join us!

Player Categories


1 Team


2 Teams


2 Teams

U11 G

1 Team


2 Teams


1 Team


1 Team

U20 G

1 Team

U20 M

1 Team


KSH. 35,000

Package includes:

  1. Return Bus fare Nairobi-Arusha
  2. 5 nights’ accommodation
  3. Breakfast, Lunches and dinner
  4. Refreshments
  5. Local shuttle
  6. Tournament registration
  7. 4 days of training
  8. Chaperones
  9. Excursions

Not included:

  1. Extra meals and drinks
  2. Personal items
  3. Extra Excursion’s activities
  4. COVID Test
  5. Yellow Fever Certificate

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