Under 15

Under 15 - Stage 4 - Preparation

General Characteristics

⚽ Attention span is greatly lengthened

⚽Understands ethical & moral principles & decision

⚽Enjoys recognition, praise & needs encouragement

⚽Able to understand and comprehend complex instructions

⚽A strong need to be accepted and a fear of ridicule

⚽A strong sense of belonging

⚽Experience physical changes - very concerned with their appearance & very self-conscience & physical changes

Components of the Game

⚽Physical: Work on explosive power, vertical jump, body composition, plyometric(jump) training, football-specific weight training, interval training, recovery exercise & time off for rest, agility training with & without the ball, range of motion exercise; important to focus on proper nutrition & hydration.

⚽Technical: Continue to work on all technique

⚽Tactical: Understanding overall tactics( principle of play) and how to incorporate in the flow of the game.

⚽Psychological: Individual & group identities important at this level. Coach must ensure constant level of discipline, with expectations clear and fair along with player responsibilities & their roles. Priority on positive leadership with all players afforded opportunity to lead and be a team captain. Teams to have discussions & team meetings, with touch on tactical achievements & thoughts as well as goal setting for individual & team. Goals short and long term attainable & measurable.

Leagues & Tournaments To come:

Academies League

FKF Elite League

Diani Super Cup - Mombasa, April 2021

Nakuru Rausha Kipaji April 2021

Under 15 Players