Under 11

Platinum squad of elite players who have graduated from under nine or who have showed massive improvement through the year

Participates in some top competitions like ;

Academies League

Nakuru Rausha Kipaji

East Africa Ligi Ndogo Cup

Cheza Opens Tournament

East Africa Chipukizi Cup Arusha

Cheza Interschools Tournament

Under 11 & 12 Stage 3 - Understanding the Game

General Characteristics

⚽ Ability to understand and handle simple balls in the air

⚽Puts thoughts in order and conceptualizes actions

⚽Has a sense of simple understanding to meet simple demands of the game

⚽ Starting to run under control with the ball, change directions and strike the ball while moving

⚽ Optimum time to learn, absolute willingness

⚽ physical and mental changes to the body - puberty

⚽ Coordination, balance and athleticism has substantially increased

⚽There is a noticable difference between male and female athletes

⚽ Strength and power becoming a factor in their performance

Components of the Game

⚽ Physical: Fitness to be done with and without the ball. The implementation of strength and resistance can be added as part of fitness. More speed & agility over distances can be accomplished from different starting position. Learning how to accelerate & decelerate while making more complex reaction activities. More proper warm up both dynamic & static as well as cool down to assist with injury prevention.

⚽ Technical: Understanding how to control balls in the air (thigh, chest, inside of foot, instep & headers). Passing & receiving from multiple distances & understanding outside of the foot & heel flicks. Introduce half volley & volley shooting, chipping to pass. For goalkeepers introduce punching, defending set pieces.

⚽ Tactical: Small group attacking (penetration, mobility, width, support & creativity) & defending principles(pressure, cover, balance & patience). Concentration on specific roles for 1st & 2nd attacker & defender within principles of play. Explore understanding of zonal defending & man to man defending, with reminder of our club's defending style of play extreme high pressure. More combination play; wall passes, overlapping, diagonal runs. Everyone attacks and defends. Incorporating communication, verbal & visual gestures. Establishing individual & team goals to be achieved in training session & matches. Goalkeepers need to understand positional play in correlation to the field and ball.

⚽ Psychological: It's the golden Age for learning Players should be highly encouraged, individual skills should still be taught & encouraged. Bigger concentration on utilizing these skills within team setting & under pressure of time, space and opponents. Players encouraged to dribble to space & taking on the 1st defender. Majority of training small sided (2v2 to 4v4) and expanded to 5v5 to 7v7) It's a vital decision making stage as they decide the sport they are going to fully commit playing.

Ideal Training Session

⚽Warm up approximately 20 minutes, individual & small group activities

⚽Small sided games

⚽Cool Down including stretching approximately 10 minutes

Under 11 Players