Girls Team

CSA opens opportunity to girls with scholarships available for talented 11 - 21 year olds. For 2021 we have played two Matches

CSA 1 - Cresentia 4

CSA 6 - MUSA East 4

CSA 4 - Kirigithi Queens 1

CSA 5 - TTA 1

Cheza Sports Academy launched the girls soccer mentorship program. The program targets less privileged girls of Mukuru slums between 11 and 23 years old, while using football as a tool of community development to:

⚽ Introduce the girls into proper football training regimes

⚽ Expose through competitions and leagues, evidently one of our alumni who is the Current South Sudanese International women's team captain, Amy Lasu benefitted greatly in our program between the years 2015 and 2018

⚽Life skills and mentorship with invitation of successful women in careers different experience including the large pool of Cheza Sports parents

The program continues to seek donations through the Cheza Community Based Organization kitty with current support from Cheza Sports Academy Director Collins as well as resource mobilization of Robert Chege, currently in the USA and serving as the Treasurer to Cheza CBO.

Watch their video in action

Girls Team Players