Coach: Francisco Musau

At this stage players are introduced to the world of football where technique is the main focus on training.

The team plays matches, Tournaments and Leagues.

Academies League (Every 2nd Saturday of the month)

*Under 7 category - Stage 1 FUNdamentals*

General Characteristics

⚽Constantly moving - love to run, jump, roll & climb

⚽Eye-hand & or eye foot coordination is very limited

⚽Coordination is undeveloped

⚽Controlling the ball in a small area will be an extremely difficult task

⚽Understand simplistic & direct rules - run to the blue cone


⚽Repetition is key

⚽Easily motivated

⚽Reliant on the coach(es)

⚽Needs alot of positive encouragement & reinforcement - does not like correction infront of teammates

⚽Limited attention span

*Components of the game*

⚽Physical: Introduction of the idea of how to exercise

⚽Technical: Dribbling(how to stop & start) & shooting(basic technique of striking the ball)

⚽Tactical: What is the field, boundaries, goal, 1v1 who is the defender, who is the attacker

⚽ Psychological: Players at this stage are self centred, own ball, toys. Coaches are to encourage parents to help by just cheering & not giving directions, at this stage children do not care if they win or lose

*Ideal Training Session*

⚽Every player with ball

⚽Free play

⚽Small sided Game 3v3

⚽Player centred training

⚽Constant encouragement

⚽Game like activities

Under 7 Players